Commissioned work for The Parisianer - March 2024

Diez escritores para 10 premios Goya  - Commissioned work for Babelia - El País - Febrero 2024

Commissioned work for WW Magazine - 2024

Commissioned work for


Commissioned work for

The Macallan’s 200th Anniversary

Commissioned work for Libros del Asteroide editor - 2023

¿Se está acabando el champán? El drama de estas Navidades de Karelia Vázquez, El País semanal, 03/12/2033

Commissioned work for Jeanerica Jeans - 2023

Commissioned work for Chamberlain Coffee - 2023

Commissioned work for The Telegraph Magazine

‘There’s a great sense of relief about viewing death practically’ by  Billy Connolly 


Commissioned work for The Washington Post
The definitive guide to doing laundry in your hotel bathroom
Because sometimes you’ve packed too few pairs of underwear
Advice by Chris Schalkx

Commissioned work for La Vanguardia Magazine

El 200 aniversario del Paseo de Gràcia


R.M.N. Movie poster  for Picture Houses

Commissioned work for The Guardian

Out of this world: Guardian writers on their favourite movies with aliens the guardian
‘It’s exciting, it’s powerful’: how translated fiction captured a new generation of readers by John Self

Commissioned work for The Washington Post - 21/07/2023
Illustration by Javi Aznarez  - Animation by Arnau Solà

Commissioned work for The New Yorker  "Long Island" by Nicole Krauss

Cover for Preferred Travel Magazine, volume 21 - 2023

Cover for WW Magazin - 2023

Cover for The Guardian book supplement - February 2023

Commissioned work for El País Semanal , "Historia de Aquilino y la gravedad " de Rodrigo Cortés

Series of illustrations for Living Corriere: Interview with Emanuele Bortolotti an agronomist and garden designer on the future of green in the city - 2022

Commissioned work for The New Yorker: Ego TripThe early Romantics and their troublesome legacy by Nikhil Krishnan 26/09/ 2022

Commissioned work for The Guardian : Edinburgh festival 2022 

Tall stories: performers on their wildest Edinburgh moments 


Commissioned work for CSIO Barcelona 110º Concurso de Saltos Internacional

Real Club de Polo de Barcelona - 2022

Commissioned work for NZZ Magazin

"Die hohe Kunst des Apéros: Ein Liebesbrief an den Moment vor allen Momenten " by Konstantin Arnold

Commissioned work for The Guardian 

Jarvis Cocker edits the Observer New Review David Attenborough

Happy 96th birthday David Attenborough

Commissioned work for


Commissioned work for EL PAÍS

Portada para Babelia 


Commissioned work for THE NEW YORKER

Is “Succession” the Best Sitcom on Television?  by Naomi Fry

  November 1, 2021 Issue

Commissioned work for  THE NEW YORKER

 "A Cautionary Tale About Science Raises Uncomfortable Questions About Fiction" by Ruth Franklin 

 September 13, 2021 Issue

Commissioned work for The Washington Post

"What floor? An elevator serves as the ideal backdrop in these eight romantic scenes" by Sophia Nguyen

February 12, 2021 Issue

Commissioned work for L'UOMO VOGUE

"From There To Here: The Adventures Of Paul Smith" by Di Luke Leitch 


Commissioned work for


"In the mood for loving Wes Anderson" by Philippe Lançon


Illustrations and animation for The Macallan Red Collection
Many thanks to The Macallan and on&on agency

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